Grant Programs for Artists

Grants are the monetary and other material assistance given to groups or individuals to further their activities. At times subsidies are provided by the government and the authorities to profit and benefit individuals and groups.

Grant for artists is an evergreen field because these are the artists which carry on the growth and progress of a nation and a civilization.

Grants for artists come in different categories and types. For each type, there is a certain criterion to be met and fulfilled by the artists. These details are explained hereunder.

Eligibility Criterion for Grants for Artist

Grants are not distributed randomly instead particular criterion is set for gaining the grants. This criterion varies differently for each grant. Some basic requirements in this regard are enlisted hereunder.

1.A consistent relation with the art
2.Applicant must apply personally and not on behalf of someone else
3.A full-fledged well developed proposal must be submitted on basis of which the grant is generated.
4.There must not exist structural or functional bottlenecks in the proposal
5.The proposal must be practicable
6.An application form containing the details of both the proposal and of the applicant must be attached with it must be submitted to the concerned authorities.

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